Case: Lawyer

During a lecture at an LLM program, I met a lawyer who had been looking for a job for about eight months without even being invited to a job interview. “Now I understand why nobody replied last year. I had a wrong CV structure, wrong information and a wrong photo. […] As you know, once we started, I did almost everything myself under your guidance. At the beginning of the process I was able to create a better picture of myself as a professional. And once I started applying your advice, I secured 10 job interviews out of which I have so far met with 6 that led to one job offer; 4 are still outstanding. I learned to answer tricky questions or how to tell them about my strengths and weaknesses or my maternity leave. Before your consultations I was not aware of the motives behind certain questions. Now I know how to properly and comfortably talk about myself and my achievements. Oh, and I got exactly the salary that I wanted.”