Career Memory – how is yours?

Working with our clients we discuss all phases of their careers: how present actions and decisions will influence future outcome, as well as how past successes have shaped who they are today.

It is interesting to observe how many experienced managers very clearly remember the first 5 years of their careers… even much better than the most recent two.

Their first boss. Their first responsibilities. Their first big projects. Their first big challenge. Their “firsts” in general.

It is not that surprising when we think how these types of experience very often have shaped who we are today or have laid very strong foundations.

The first five years of your career are indeed important. However, from your current or future employer’s point of view the most recent ones are even more so. Make sure to regularly enlist your successes, describe your business cases and keep your CV updated – and not only when a headhunter asks for it.

And if you are not sure what is worth mentioning, talk to somebody neutral / objective who will be able to tell you what is unique or valuable from the market’s point of view.

So, if you’d like to do that, you know where to find us.

On a different note: you know how important the first years of your career have been – give somebody the chance to make them as significant.

How? At Career Angels we give bachelor students the opportunity to work with us till they have completed their master studies. We give them the unique opportunity to experience and learn about the job market from an extremely safe perspective.

Good to know:

  • only 1 in 70 applicants makes it through our recruitment process – in other words: only the best
  • our students to date have come from a variety of studies: marketing and management, linguistics, architecture, finance-related, quantitative methods, HR, etc.
  • all of them work online (with periods in the office), an average of 20 hours per week, flexibly around their university schedules while supporting our Career Angels
  • they speak foreign languages? Here they can practice them
  • they want to experiment with different areas of interest? Here they can tip their toes into Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Legal & Admin, Translations, Data Analysis, Event Management, Public Speaking parallel to performing their daily tasks
  • all of our successful students who have spent 2-4 years with us have gone to pursue amazing (inter)national careers. We are extremely proud of them

We see ourselves as a boutique career consulting company for B2C and B2B of the 21st century that is entirely paperless, wireless and borderless. We have an obsession with quality and organization.

If you know somebody who is in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of bachelor studies who could benefit from working with Career Angels, please tell them to send their CV to
You can also send them the link to the full job description:

All successful applicants will go through a comprehensive 12-month training program with continuous sessions in the following years.