Update my LinkedIn profile? I’ve gotten divorced

Career Consultant Diary: “Update my LinkedIn profile? I’ve gotten divorced” by Sandra Bichl

Career Consultant Diary: “Update my LinkedIn profile? I’ve gotten divorced”

Being a Career Consultant for Executives is often misunderstood or romanticized or both. Sandra Bichl, founder of Career Angels and experienced international Career Consultant, decided to bring more transparency to her/our profession by sharing random days of her work in the form of a “diary” – the delay (sometimes of a year) ensures confidentiality. Below an example of how personal a job of Career Consultant can be.

Career Consultant: tech support or good listener?

As Sandra shared on her LinkedIn profile, “A former client (CEO in DACH) got in touch – out of the blue, “Sandra, could you update my LinkedIn profile? I’ve gotten divorced and my son stays with me. And I’m starting a new job next month [without mentioning where]. Could we let my network know?” I then patiently explained the nature of LinkedIn and its functionality and sent follow-up questions to be able to make the update.

Being a “Career Angel” also means that I see the disastrous effects of COVID-19 on people’s careers first hand. The obvious one is, of course, job loss and/or long-term unemployment. The less obvious one for those who are employed and are – seemingly – thriving in their companies and roles – is the toll it’s taken on people’s mental health. I can even count how many times I’ve read this week in my clients’ emails, “I can’t stand home office anymore” “I’m looking forward to meeting you again in person… some day.” and some are more direct, “I feel depressed” or “It’s been tough on my psyche”

Hacking LinkedIn (for job seekers) – 18 tips

If you are relatively new to LinkedIn like the mentioned client, it’s never too late to get started. We have prepared 18 tips on how to hack LinkedIn as a job seeker – for all levels. Here’s a quick sneak peek and why it’s worth viewing the whole presentation – it includes:

• how to write a unique profile summary that nobody can copy as their own
• how to choose a tagline that doesn’t say “I’m desperately looking for a job”
• how to choose proper profile & background photos
• why your activity should be selective, purposeful
• why it’s not worth commenting on everything if you don’t want to be perceived as a spammer
• how to build a valuable network (incl. personalized invitations)
• how it can help you achieve your goals by e.g. getting your skills endorsed
• why you should take care of every detail and make sure your profile is flawless

You will find the full Slideshare presentation here:

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