Career Consultant Courses – summary

Career Consultant Courses – summary

Career Consultant Courses – summary

Nowadays, the only thing that is constant is change – that also applies to the job market. Data shows that good pieces of advice based on job market knowledge change, on average, every 2 years. That shows how important it is for managers and HR professionals to constantly develop and polish their advisory skills in the field of designing career paths.

Therefore, we spent the second half of summer on Career Consultant Courses:

  • 4 editions in two languages: PL, EN; incl. 2 in-house versions
  • 42 hours of lectures and workshops in total
  • 34 international participants
  • 28 presented client cases
  • 20 tools discussed
  • 25 (!) practical exercises
  • 712 people interested in the course

Who were the participants of the Career Consultant Course?

The number of people interested in the course clearly underlines how much the job market needs training in the field of career advisory. Who decided to participate in the Career Consultant Course? Recruiters, headhunters, HR managers, HRBPs, HR Directors, coaches, trainers, Diversity & Inclusion experts, consultants who already have their own practice, but also people who are not connected to the so-called HR: managers, directors of various departments, e.g. sales.

What was their motivation for participating in the course?

“To consolidate my knowledge and tools. I wanted to learn how I should work with a client or an employee”.

“To prepare myself to offer career advisory services”.

“I have “raised” over a dozen managers and, as a mentor of numerous mentoring programs, I am planning to switch from accounting and finance to career consulting. It will be useful for me to “organize” my experience and knowledge according to a concrete methodology”.

“To separate recruitment and training experiences from market trends. To compare reality to what I believe to be true”.

“To know the practical side of the tools that work, to be alert about the pitfalls, and to learn about sources for further development”.

“I want to plan my (and other people’s) career more effectively and consciously”.

“To get to know the tools necessary to determine career paths as well as to recognize their preferences. The topic itself is quite new to me, so I’m hoping to get a lot of practical knowledge”.

“I am an HR practitioner, coach, mediator and I need a different perspective on career”.

“I am interested in the subject of changing an industry / profession and of professional burnout. I came to the course to learn how to advise clients / employees in a safe way to strategically plan the next steps in their careers”.

According to the World Economic Forum report, 50% of all employees worldwide will have to reskill / upskill by 2025. This phenomenon is both an opportunity and a threat for companies – depending on how quickly they manage to close the so-called “skill gap” and to manage current and new employees in terms of the so-called “up-skilling” or “re-skilling” or recruitment itself. In order to be among the top experts, you require knowledge in the field of, among others, typology of employees in terms of engagement and competence development in order to design new career paths in the most effective way and adjust the profiles accordingly. That applies to both internal departments and external consultants or career coaches.

Reflections after the Career Consultant Course

“If you think that you can advise because you have been working in HR for years, you feel that you can help someone find a job, write a CV, you know a lot about employee development, stop for a second and ask yourself, “When did I gain this knowledge? Was I constantly developing it?”, so as not to hurt the person you want to help”.

“Career advisory is an art, a craft”.

“A comprehensive approach to the work of a career consultant. I am very impressed by the methodology of looking for a job or changing an industry / profession”.

“An amazing group and an open form of the course allowed me to exchange experiences and to network”.

“The course gave me a lot to think about and inspired me to rethink my career path and plan my next steps in a strategic and thoughtful manner”.

“For me, it was a portion of knowledge and tools that allows me to start working in the consulting area. I still need some time to digest this knowledge”.

“I made sure that after 10 years in recruitment I know that I don’t know anything :) And I need a Career Consultant myself”.

“For the first time, I looked at a CV as a process for which you have to be strongly prepared”.

“I was given a lot of tools and knowledge about the entire job change process”.

If these opinions and reflections increased your appetite for deepening your knowledge in the field of career advisory, visit our website to check the next editions of our Career Consultant Course:

If, on the other hand, you think that the course is not enough and you want to comprehensively approach the career consulting topic, that’s great!  The details of the program “Career Advisory” postgraduate degree can be found here: