Career Angels at the conference “Strefa Zmian – życie zawodowe”

Last Saturday, Career Angels held two lectures at a conference called “Strefa Zmian – życie zawodowe”.

The idea: show a wide range of possible solutions when it comes to implementing changes into your professional life. The organizers made sure that everyone could find something for themselves, hence it was divided into three different zones:

  • employment: with workshops on career, application documents, interviews etc.
  • own business: dealing with topics of funding your own business, attracting clients, relationship selling etc.
  • inspiration: inspiring people shared their experience & “success stories”

Sandra Bichl had the pleasure of opening the “employment zone” with a workshop called “Career Patterns – why are you (not) satisfied with your job?”. Most participants commented that the concept of career patterns, incl. career concept and motives, were an eye-opener for them. To read more about the theory, click here.

Career Angels with Anna Zadrożna also had the pleasure of closing the zone with a workshop on “Interviews”. The tandem Sandra & Anna role-played and discussed interview questions with the audience:
– where do you see yourself in 5 years?
– what are your strengths?
– what do you expect from your potential boss?

Despite finishing on time with the last workshop, most participants decided to stay and keep going with a very productive discussion on the job market.

The conference, attended by almost 100 people, turned out to be a big success especially thanks to the efforts of the organizers: Jadwiga Korzeniewska from Laboratorium Zmieniacza and Igor Rotberg from Psychologia Współczesna.

Many thanks for your professional approach & enthusiasm!