Career Advisory – the competence of the future

Career Advisory – the competence of the future

Currently, the only constant is change, and this also applies to the labor market. The data shows that advice based on knowledge about the labor market (e.g. how to write a CV or use LinkedIn) changes approximately every 2 years. In other words: tips that worked three years ago can now harm the candidate / employee. Knowledge in the field of Career Advisory is often improperly reduced to “CV formatting,” and associated only with traditional job counseling, but there is much more to it: knowledge about market trends, understanding how technology works, diagnosis of competencies and designing career paths – and these are just a few examples!

The influence of technology on the labor market

According to Career Angels’ data, the effects of the increase in automation and new technologies on the labor market were visible already in 2016. According to the World Economic Forum report, 50% of all employees worldwide will have to retrain / improve their qualifications by 2025. Business Udemy confirms this trend by the “Up-/Re-skilling ratio” which increased from 14% in 2019 to 38% in 2020.

This phenomenon is both an opportunity and a threat for companies – depending on how quickly they will be able to close the “skill gap” and manage current and new employees in terms of the “up-skilling”, “re-skilling” or the recruitment itself. It is also both a chance and a threat to representatives of HR departments, recruiters and advisers operating on the market; to be placed at the forefront of experts, it is required to have the knowledge i.a. about typology of employees in terms of commitment and competence development, to design new career paths in the most effective way and adjust the profiles accordingly.

Career Advisory outside and inside the organization

Therefore, there is a need for qualified advisers who are aware of these changes both inside and outside the organization. If you influence the careers of others, on the side of the company as a recruiter, HR Business Partner, HR Director or as a freelancer, coach or career advisor, you need to know that modern, up-to-date knowledge is the most important thing when looking for a job or managing your employees’ career paths. Without it – no matter of the candidate’s qualifications or age – finding a new position will be ineffective.

How do you know this?
The methodology that Career Angels shares is based not on the personal opinion and declarations of customers, but on the data that has been collecting and analyzing since 2012. In addition, thanks to contacts with over 5,000 headhunters and almost 20,000 decision makers, the company has an even deeper insight in what is happening on the labor market and what changes are taking place – almost in real time. Thanks to this, we know what really works and how to adapt the job search strategy or the management and development of career paths to the changing trends on the labor market.

If this information can be valuable to you and you are considering expanding your knowledge of Career Advisory – you are in the right place! Depending on the level of certainty whether this knowledge will be useful to you, we can offer you the following development paths:

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Note: people who after these 4 modules would like to explore our methodology even more and learn about its practical elements, can enroll in the postgraduate studies. In partnership with Kozminski University – the number 1 Business Schools in CEE – we have launched an online degree: Career Advisory – Managing the Development and Change of Career Path (2 semesters, 11 meetings).

If you first sign up for the Career Consultant course to see if “this” is for you… or if it’s worth it: thanks to the cooperation with the university, the total cost of your studies will be reduced by the net amount already paid for the course at Career Angels!

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until Sep 15, 2022, enrollment for the online postgraduate studies (I EN edition): Career Advisory – Managing the development and change of career path.

The main goal of the studies is to educate highly valued specialists on the market, with the necessary skills to deliver proper and effective services in the broad sense of career consulting, incl. the managing the development and change of a client’s or employee’s career path within the organization.

Are you not convinced that you are interested in this area? Ask for an interview with the Head of Studies – you will decide together if this is a good time!

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