Candidates & their CVs: good product, bad packaging

The CV Report we prepare for our clients and its point system are designed under the following assumptions:

  • Your CV is your business card and therefore should be perfect.
  • An ideal résumé communicates your personality and traits as an executive.
  • The content is prepared with the reader in mind and should therefore be relevant & concrete.

We assess, i.a., formatting, language accuracy, overall legibility or punctuation consistency.

Our clients, experienced managers and usually board members, are very often surprised by the low scores their CVs receive.

Here thoughts from a CEO (heavy industry) after reading his report. He scored 12%.

“It looks like I am a good quality “product” packed in an inadequate box […] Let me say that it is better to have a good product in a bad packaging, rather than opposite. I suppose it should be easier to upgrade the packaging rather than the content, which seems looking fine :). So, the future looks good.”

And he is right!

If you are a manager with at least 10 years of experience & you’d also like an evaluation “of your packaging” – send an email with your CV to Subject: CV Report / Post. You will receive it with market-relevant tips within 3-5 business days.