Can you find a job in one day?

Every year several hundred experienced managers and executives mainly from across Europe get in touch with us to confidentially discuss their career strategy and job search. After an initial consultation or when working with us, they learn that a job seeker should – on average – contact and follow up with:

  • 30 Executive Search Consultants (per country that they are actively interested in moving to)
  • 60-90 decision makers in selected companies (sometimes alternative people need to be contacted)

See the full statistics in our Job Hunting Report for 2018.


  • That is under the assumption that they want the best possible job that is available on the market at the moment of their job search.
  • For those who are 50+ or have had a longer break, it’s the only way to proceed.

Yet more often than not, the same experienced managers and executives who manage millions of EUR / USD, achieve above-average growth rates and are good managers, or even leaders, don’t do that.

To make it short and to the point:

  • lack of time
  • lack of motivation
  • a combination of both

How do you fix it?

  • make the job search your (real) priority
  • find a job search buddy to motivate each other, ideally during “job search session”
  • work with an accountability buddy to keep you honest and make sure you stick to your progress goals / set milestones

We have come up with another idea that we’d like to pitch to you:

  • reserve one full Saturday: March 23, 2019
  • come to the Warsaw office* of Career Angels and free yourself from all distractions (family, fridge, Netflix and more)
  • send min. 40 applications (20 headhunters + 20 decision makers) under the supervision of 2 Career Angels who will make sure you have the right email texts and contact people (incl. contact details) prior to actually contacting them; in other words: we’ll build the list of companies, help you identify the right decision makers and their email addresses, show you which executive search consultants to contact and how – all in one day
  • nobody leaves without successfully having sent 40 correct emails

Why do we believe that this will work? Because you’ll give yourself the chance to be fully focused. How often does it happen that you have full 8 or more hours to do something only for yourself and your career?

To be able to participate, you have:

  • min. 10 years of experience
  • a Career Angels-approved CV (if you don’t have one and need support – everybody who registers gets a 25% discount for CV preparation that needs to be completed prior to the event. Our recommendation is to start no later than by March 15)
  • a professional email address for your CV
  • a Gmail account to access all tools more easily (can be the same as above)

To register (5-10 participants) by March 20, 2019:

  • send an email with your CV to Subject: *fully focused*
  • upon invoice transfer by March 20: 870 PLN +VAT = 1070,10 PLN

To answer the question of the title: probably not. That one day will cover approx. 30% of the necessary effort. It will definitely jump-start your job search or give it the momentum it’s currently missing.

* if you want to join online, email – let’s see if and how we can make that work. You’d still need to make yourself available for one whole day and fully and actively participate. A solid, fast Internet connection is a must.

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