Best of 2021 – CSR Initiatives

Best of 2021 – CSR Initiatives

Best of 2021 – CSR Initiatives

For many, 2021 was not the easiest year. Some have lost their job because the pandemic is not letting go. Entering the job market after 10-15 years can be a maze, where candidates can collide with ghosting, recruitment bots, new trends along the way. That’s why the job search process can be challenging and sometimes even very frustrating. This is why Career Angels actively helps candidates and shares knowledge every year by organizing many CSR activities.

The “(in)effective candidate” program – summary

As part of our CSR initiatives, in May 2021 we started recruiting for an individual outplacement program that aimed to support those who had been unable to find a job for a long time. In the beginning, we planned to recruit 3 people, but in the end, 4 participants were selected to start the job search process on 7th June with our support.

The recruitment process took a week, with 65 people signing up for the event on LinkedIn. In order to participate candidates had to fill out an application form, which was done by 45 people. Out of these, 27 people were qualified for the next step and given a task: to adapt their CV to ATS using our guide. We received results from 16 participants and invited them to a one-to-one meeting via Skype to meet and discuss their individual situation.

To be honest, some of the calls broke our hearts – the stories told were touching and often very upsetting. Initially, we wanted to choose 3 people, but we could not remain indifferent.

One of the selected participants resigned from the project before it even started, because she was offered a job and, as she said, we brought her luck! And that is also the point :) In the end, 4 participants started our intensive support program. As a reminder: the condition to participate in the program was a declaration to devote 4-5 hours a day for job search activities.

As part of the “(in)effective candidate” program, with our guidance, participants created:

  • a perfect CV
  • an ATS compliant CV
  • a LinkedIn profile adapted to the algorithm
  • a cover email to headhunters and potential employers
  • a list of headhunters
  • a list of companies and potential employers
  • a networking strategy.

With their newly developed tools, participants started their job search in a strategic way. You can find out more about how to look for a job effectively here: “Job Hunting Strategy“.

Participant profiles and their progress

Participant A

Job search objective: Communications Manager
Years of experience: 20
Looking for a job since: June 2018
Current status: the last meeting of the program ended in August. The participant, with our support, contacted 27 headhunters and 14 potential bosses. He applied to 17 job ads. This allowed him to be shortlisted by 2 employers and eventually sign a contract with one selected organization. The participant has been employed since November.

Participant’s insights:

“The program allows me to look at my experience and qualifications from a different / new / fresh perspective and to look at them from the employer’s point of view as well, which is important for the final result. My application documents are more attractive to a potential employer now.

During the process, I have learned to manage my experience, so I see more potential for further exploration. I learned what an ATS is and what it means. I am still learning to look at my CV, experience, competencies and successes through the perspective of a potential employer and headhunter. I was taken aback by how many different documents are created during the process.”

Participant B

Job search objective: Sales Development Manager
Years of experience: 28
Looking for a job since: June 2020
Current status: the participant sent his CV to 41 headhunters, 3 of which held meetings with the participant, and contacted 44 employers. These actions have resulted in him happily starting a new job on December 1 on a trial period. We keep our fingers crossed for longer cooperation.

Participant’s insights:

“The program has definitely improved my efficiency in the preparation phase for entering the job market. It increased my inner sense of discipline. I gained more confidence in what the future may bring. I pay attention to continuously searching for new information about the job market on the Internet, but also among friends and even neighbours. The program showed me a difference in how my documents looked before the consultation and at its final stage (a WOW effect!) – they are the most valuable factor in distinguishing us from other candidates.

So far, I have learned to pay attention to small (but crucial!) details that did not seem so important before in preparing documents. I have learned to appreciate the importance of direct contact with companies. I used to blame the pandemic on the lack of job opportunities of any kind, but now I understand that it was not true. What surprised me about the program was the number of hours one has to spend on tasks and gathering information. I have more time now, so it even helped me to feel like I was actually working (it was a nice discovery). I rate my previous job search efforts as highly ‘immature’ and although I had the impression that I had done something, I achieved nothing.”

Participant C

Job search objective: General Product Manager
Years of experience: 19
Looking for a job since: 2019
Current status: the participant contacted 61 headhunters, 38 of which responded and two proposed an interview. 18 potential employers were contacted and an interview was arranged with 2 of them. The participant renewed relationships with 16 strategic people from his network and applied to 45 job ads. Thanks to this activity, he started working in October.

Participant’s insights:

“I like the program because of:
1. the structured approach to the job search process through developing a strategy based on the latest market trends. The contact with an experienced consultant / supervisor has a positive impact on being aware that we are working together in relation to my individual needs to achieve my goal.
2. the dynamics of work, which on the one hand motivates the “(in)effective candidate”, and on the other, supports the self-analysis of the steps I have taken so far and of what can be improved and done more effectively. The proposed approach allows independent analysis of a career.
3. the availability and support of my consultant, who gives advice, helps and is happy to clarify any doubts on an ongoing basis if necessary.

The biggest surprise for me was the new, (un)obvious approach to answering some of the questions that might come up during an interview.”

Participant D

Job search objective: Head of the Department
Years of experience: 26
Looking for a job since: 2018
Current status: participant contacted 60 headhunters, which resulted in 3 appointments. He contacted 12 potential bosses. For family reasons, the participant suspended his job search.

Participant’s insights:

“ATS: whether we like it or not, automation is entering our lives. And it’s better to be aware of how to ‘beat’ the system – how much time it takes a headhunter to analyze a CV and, as a result, how important it is that the document they receive is perfect.”

Remaining CSR initiatives in 2021

Job Search Challenge

Between July 26 & 30, we hosted a series of webinars to help those of you who wanted to quickly start a job search. We shared our expertise on: improving your CV, creating an ATS compliant CV, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, finding headhunters & potential employers and correctly applying to job ads. Almost 600 professionals joined the event on LinkedIn:

  • 130 made it to our secret exclusive group!
  • approx. 250 participants took part in 5 webinars

Most participants were from the DACH region (40+), Poland (38) and Italy (~20), as well as Belgium, Ukraine, Spain, Romania, India, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Croatia, UK, Portugal, Hungary, Bosnia, Canada, Kenya, Maldives and Turkey.

Here is what some of you had to say about the job search challenge:

“Career Angels and Sandra Bichl changed my entire perception of job search in the EU market.”
“The Challenge was well-structured, covered important job search strategy topics and was full of practical advice.”
“By following the approach presented during the challenge week, I am confident I will soon make the next step in my career.”
“I am much happier with my CV now. My CV went from 49% to 84% – what a difference!”

Personal Branding Challenge

Between August 24 & 26, we held a series of webinars to help those of you who wanted to get started on your personal branding journey. We shared our know-how on how to: skilfully create your executive identity, create a flawless online presence and find & improve your USP in line with your career goals. The Personal Branding Challenge was not only about doing homework and attending webinars but also about using social networks: asking and answering questions, getting and sharing feedback as well as supporting each other! So who joined?
• almost 550 people joined the event on LinkedIn
• almost 140 people made it to our secret exclusive group!
• attendance: 180 participants in 3 webinars

Most participants came from the CEE region (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, etc.), the DACH region (20+), BENELUX, as well as Italy, Spain, France, UK, Ireland, China, Canada, India, Russia, Croatia, Latvia, Serbia, Slovakia, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, China, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates. Wow! Simply WOW!

Here’s what some of you had to say about the Personal Branding Challenge and the materials we shared with you:

“The meetings were wonderfully prepared and very transparently delivered. Great professionalism!”
“A very insightful program!”
“It was a large dose of knowledge.”
“Thank you for a lot of valuable information. What I mean by that is a clear path for the first steps in proactively managing my personal brand.”
“I really liked that you gave us practical tools / tricks on how to improve our personal brand rather than just presenting a general thing.”
“Data-driven advice, thank you so much!”
“The personal brand model is complex, but presented with great clarity! You have a way of breaking down concepts that always provides new thoughts.”
“I cannot wait for your next challenge!”

If you represent an organization and want to support your (future) former employees: request an offer of outplacement services by sending an email to

If you are looking for individual support: email who will personally match you with the most suitable career consultant. To save time: add your CV and availability for a Skype / Zoom / Google Meet meeting.