Best of 2020: Online, digital, leadership presence, Zoom fatigue

2020 has made our lives more digital and online – for better or worse. Here are our best articles where we show how to avoid common mistakes and adjust to the new situation:

6 things you are doing on video calls that are killing your leadership presence: Noise in the background, “blurry” videos, dirty dishes on your desk – just to name a few mistakes that occur during video calls – that heavily impact your leadership presence.

Making working from home work [41 tips]: Working from home is no longer a perk, but very often simply a must. At Career Angels, we’ve been working fully remotely since 2013. In this article, we share our tips on how to do it effectively!

How to prepare for an interview (especially online): Interviewing in person is different from interviewing via online tools – in some ways the latter is more difficult (on top of the IT part): you have to know how to answer standard questions, it requires a higher level of communication skills, incl. listening, interpreting subtle body language, monitoring your own signals much more closely, managing your environment. Watch the full video that explains e.g. the “ping pong” interview style.

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