Best of 2020: LinkedIn algorithm, LinkedIn personas, LinkedIn activity

How often have you been contacted by an Executive Search Consultant with a great opportunity via LinkedIn? How often have prospects asked you for a meeting or a proposal thanks to LinkedIn? If the answer is zero or “not often enough”, read the following articles!

LinkedIn User Personas – which one are you or your employees? How do you or your team members behave on LinkedIn? Do you know what influence your activity has on other users and/or your professional goal?

LinkedIn Activity Guidelines: 4 steps: LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful recruitment tools in the last years. And yet, there are still many professionals who need not only help in creating, but also managing their LinkedIn profiles. And the word “managing” refers to “actively using” to support one’s professional goal.

When (if at all) should I connect with my potential boss on LinkedIn? “When should I send an invitation to my potential boss on LinkedIn, if s/he replied to my email? On the same day, the day after or should I wait one week?” – sometimes only one (mis)step can decide whether we will be accepted or rejected.

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