Before the job hunting process

Questions you might want to ask yourself & answer (!) prior to embarking on the job hunting process:
What do I want to do next?
Why do I want to change? Is the underlying drive a feeling of frustration or motivation?
Where do I want to work? What companies?
How does the next step fit into my overall career plan?
What do I expect from the new position & how realistic are my expectations?
How does my professional SWOT-analysis look like? What are my strengths & weaknesses?
What makes me stand out on the job market?
How much do I want to earn?
What corporate culture do I want to work in?
How should my scope of responsibility look like?
What am I open to? Where are my limits?
How much time can I realistically dedicate to the job search?
What are my key competences?
Am I willing to relocate? Is my family?

If you don’t deal with the above questions thoroughly, you will have difficult and very likely unsuccessful interviews with headhunters or potential employers. The main tool in the recruitment process used by both headhunters & HR professionals to assess your competences are in-depth competency-based interviews that are usually interwoven with biographical questions regarding your career.