Are you LinkedIn or OUT? Master LinkedIn!

Are you LinkedIn or OUT? Master LinkedIn!

A professional LinkedIn profile is a “must have” if:

  • you are consciously building your career path
  • you are actively or passively looking for a job / clients / candidates
  • you are building your strategic network
  • … or you simply care about your personal brand!

In other words: LinkedIn can be used in many professional areas to achieve different goals! To meet market needs, we have designed an open online training seriesAre you LinkedIN or LinkedOUT” consisting of 4 two-hour modules:

  1. LinkedIn Must-Haves (mandatory) – delivered
  2. Hack the Algorithm (optional) – delivered
  3. Job Search on LinkedIn (optional) – delivered
  4. LinkedIn Hacks & Secrets (optional)

LinkedIn Must-Haves

Date: Feb 13, 17:00 – 19:00 CET
Here, we will cover the absolute basics and must-haves of every LinkedIn profile. Attending this module is mandatory as an “All Star” profile influences how you rank in search results and the remaining modules focus on advanced aspects during which basic questions will not be answered. Putting it bluntly: working on advanced topics doesn’t make sense, if the fundamentals haven’t been taken care of at 100%. We will use real cases of participants to keep the course as practical and relevant as possible.


The pricing (incl. 23% VAT): 75 EUR for the last module

Payment methods (based on the invoice): traditional transfer, payment by card, Stripe or PayPal.
To register for the course, please fill in the form:

If you’ve missed a module – don’t worry! You can still register for the rest of them.

Payments must be made within 5 business days of sending the application via the form. Failure to pay the above-mentioned amount within the indicated period may result in the transition to the next price threshold or the inability to participate in case of the last deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact, subject: I’m LinkedIN

PS. Three modules have already been delivered. Find their descriptions below:

Hack the Algorithm” was delivered on Jan 16, 17:00 – 19:00 CET
Whatever you do on LinkedIn, the algorithm decides whether what you do is valuable enough to be shown to your test audience and then, maybe, to other users. We will dissect – in detail – which actions have a positive and negative effect on your reach. We’ll look at formats, posting time, hashtags, Creator Mode, frequency, the SSI and much more! This module is for those who are already active and want to maximize their efficiency and for those who want to get it right once they decide to get started!

Job Search on LinkedIn” was delivered on Jan 23, 17:00 – 19:00 CET
If you are not regularly contacted by headhunters with relevant job offers, you should attend “LinkedIn Must-Haves” and this module! There are 4 areas that you can optimize to attract recruiters and job posters WITHOUT even having to apply to any job ads on your own. We’ll show you each of those areas that you can fill out as we go, so by that by the end of the module you should be half-way there – and you’ll know exactly how to finalize on your own. Plus – we’ll also show you how to apply should you choose to do so!

LinkedIn Hacks & Secrets” was delivered on Jan 30, 17:00 – 19:00 CET
This is the most advanced module, ideal for freelancers, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and those who want to use LinkedIn for networking & personal branding purposes in a conscious way. We’ll explore how to leverage LinkedIn events, LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn groups and changes in your LinkedIn network (we have a neat method up our sleeves ;)). We will also cover what’s most relevant to our registered participants by matter of submission of questions. In other words: you get to influence a part of this module!