Are you LinkedIn or LinkedOut?

Have you ever googled anyone? Yourself? Every detail on the Internet can work in favor of or against you. You want the former. From a career perspective, having a professional profile on LinkedIn is no longer an option, it’s a must. As seasoned managers and executives, rethinking your own / professional branding is key to your success.

The Warsaw School of Technology Business School invited Sandra Bichl from Career Angels to share tips and trick about LinkedIn.

During the lecture you will learn how to:

– build a professional profile step by step
– create a personalized link and the best head line
– write a unique profile summary
– what profile picture is professional
provide information in the work experience section

The lecture and many other useful video materials are available on the Career Angels’ YouTube channel.

If you are a seasoned manager or executive with min. 10 years of experience who needs support in crafting their personal branding strategy, you can start by requesting a free LinkedIn Report, by clicking here or take advantage of a free & confidential career consultation by clicking here.