About “Job Search Goals + USP”

“Job Search Goals + USP” is one of our videos [click here] on our YouTube channel. Sandra Bichl talks about how to set a realistic job search goal and how to position yourself as a candidate on an unstable employer’s market. Covered topics include:

  • The influence COVID-19 has on today’s job market; comparison of the number of job ads published on LinkedIn at the beginning of the pandemic and then (if it’s not relevant to you, skip the first 15 min).
  • Realistic goal setting: what’s the complexity and duration of a job hunting process (before and now), followed by real-life examples.
  • How to choose the right job offer / career path from so many available on the market; in depth description and instructions to use the “Value & Parameter Bidding Tool
  • Available tests (free and paid) for those who really can’t decide or need more help.
  • Defining your USP: how to prove you are a valuable candidate and why you should be chosen out of hundreds (or thousands) of other competitors; the famous “Why should we hire you” question

These questions are addressed during the Q&A session:

“I was an entrepreneur for 5 years, working on big risky projects related to events and branding. Can I work in a corporation or an advertising agency? I feel people fear me. They say I am amazing, but not their fit. How can I fix it?”

How can MBA students position themselves? Do they have some advantage when changing career or industry?”

How long should you stay at a company before changing? What’s the minimum?”

“Is it difficult for a foreigner to change their job now in light of COVID-19? Is it a good time to apply for international offers?”

“Why do recruiters consider managing a group of 3/4 people different from a group of 10/15 people?”

What is the impact of recommendations? How is a LinkedIn reference different from the email reference?”

How do you define a career goal as a junior? Is it more difficult to be selective?”

“What if I don’t have so many successes, projects, numbers, achievements – even after several years of work? What if I don’t know how to communicate what I have achieved?”

“What if a nonstandard candidate who is trying to change fields is not invited to interviews (after several applications)? Can an improved CV / cover letter help?” [Spoiler: only partly]

“I have several years of management experience across different industries. I get far in every recruitment process, but then often get the reply that my profile doesnt fit the position. The recruiter almost always seems convinced (and I always pass several interview rounds) but the management tells that my profile doesn’t fit the position. How can I overcome that?”

“I think my degree does not reflect business knowledge I gained and skills I have. Am I right that my degree can be a problem?”

How do you position yourself when you have a gap in the CV? I travelled for 1.5 years. Leave it in? Delete it?”

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