About “CVs for humans, CVs for ATS + LinkedIn profile”

“CVs for humans, CVs for ATS + LinkedIn profile” is one of our videos [click here] on our YouTube channel. Sandra Bichl talks about how to prepare a CV both for humans and algorithms and how to hack LinkedIn. Covered topics include:

  • The influence COVID-19 has on today’s job market; comparison of the number of job ads published on LinkedIn at the beginning of the pandemic and then (if it’s not relevant to you, skip the first 12 min).
  • Goal of the CV and rules of writing a perfect one: structure, content, graphics; practical tips followed by real-life examples.
  • Applicant Tracking System: why it is becoming more popular and how to adjust your CV to be ATS-friendly.
  • How to hack LinkedIn: a headhunter’s perspective when finding candidates & real-life examples; optimizing your profile to be in the top of search results.

These questions are addressed during the Q&A session:

When batching entries in CV, should I mention all the roles within one company and then a general description, or is it better to put a description for each role within the same company?”

Should I include titles after the name? E.g. MSc, Phd, MBA, CFA?”

How do I find the right keywords to put on my LinkedIn profile?”

How do I get at least 50 persons to visit my profile every week?”

“Is it possible that I was getting matched with wrong job offers because of not having enough or proper keywords on my LinkedIn profile?”

How long should be our profile summary on LinkedIn?”

“Is it better to allow your LinkedIn profile to be visible to people who are not your connections?”

“Does it help to add people from other professions to your connections on LinkedIn?”

Should my LinkedIn profile be in English or can it be in my national language? As I am not necessarily looking for an international position.”

“When the LinkedIn algorithm “summarizes / interprets” my skills (key words), are they taken from the description that I add in my profile or from the endorsements?”

“What can you do when you have a gap in employment? How to present it in a CV / LinkedIn profile so that a candidate is not automatically rejected due to the gap?”

“Is there any minimal font size to be used in the CV?”

How do I use SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?”

Does automatic software detect gaps in employment and rejects candidates because of that?”

Is it easy to apply for job offers on LinkedIn? How does it work? Is it different from applying directly via company websites?”

Should I add my internships during the MBA in my work experience or in education? I am still studying.”

Should I add certificates like “exploration into mindfulness” on LinkedIn?”

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