About “Contacting: your top firms. Recruiters. How to network”

“Contact: your top firms. Recruiters. How to network” is one of the videos [click here] on our YouTube channel. Sandra Bichl talks about the efficiency of different job search channels and explains how to approach them successfully. Covered topics include:

  • The influence COVID-19 has on today’s job market; comparison of the number of job ads published on LinkedIn at the beginning of the pandemic and then (if it’s not relevant to you, skip the first 11 min).
  • Approaching companies & recruiters directly: step-by-step instructions on how to do it to be effective and not too pushy.
  • Finding your potential boss and contacting them: practical tips followed by examples
  • Headhunters: who they are, what they do and how to contact them.
  • Response rate & interview rate: is the number of replies you receive good or bad? How to improve it?
  • Networking: step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and what strategy to choose when contacting your network; the most common mistakes on social media.

These questions are addressed during the Q&A session:

How do you find your potential boss in really big companies, where it’s difficult to get an idea about the company structure?”

What can you do when headhunters are not followingup nor answering to your follow-up?”

Should we insist on having an interview when contacting HH?”

Does it matter who you follow on LinkedIn? Does it have any influence on your LinkedIn ranking? Is it different from managing your contacts?”

How effective is it to go directlyphysicallyto the company you want to work for? Some recruiters suggest that it is a sign of interest in addition to sending an email with your CV.”

How can I find out which companies value mature candidates? Is it true that the definition of mature is country and/or culture specific?”

“I would be ready to change the company only if they offer a job also to my spouse. At which moment in the recruitment process would it be appropriate to bring this up?”

When contacting companies directly, should you use the local language? Is it a good idea to write in English to German companies?”

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