About “All about off & online interviews”

“All about off & online interviews” is one of the videos [click here] on our YouTube channel. Sandra Bichl talks about how interviewing in person is different from interviewing online and how to prepare accordingly. The covered topics include:

  • The influence COVID-19 has on today’s job market; comparison of the number of job ads published on LinkedIn at the beginning of the pandemic and then (if it’s not relevant to you, skip the first 10 min)
  • Interview preparation: what exactly to do before an interview to make a good impression
  • Differences between online & offline interviews, incl. how to create the appropriate conditions when interviewing online
  • Standard questions: what questions can be asked and how to prepare your answers to be successful, followed by real examples
  • 4 levels of interviewing skills: from basic through strategic to SIWARBE (Strategic Interviewing with Active Relationship Building Element)
  • STAR: practical tips and know-how on how to use it during an interview (with obvious and non-obvious examples)
  • Prerecorded interviews and AI: what is it? Shall I fear it? Can I prepare for it?

These questions are addressed during the Q&A session:

How to reply strategically to a “where do you see yourself in 5 – 7 – 10 years?” question”?

“I had more than a year of break at work. How to explain to the employer why it was so long?”

“I worked in many companies – approximately for 18-22 months in each of them. This is something I cannot change. I do have a reasonable explanation about the reasons to change each job. How to convince the potential employer that I want to stay for at least 34 years in the new company?”

“I have already been terminated and exempted from work since March, but I am still employed. How do I deal with this in an interview regarding my current situation? Should I mention it openly or pretend that I’m still working?”

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