6 Reasons Why It’s Worth Studying Career Advisory

6 Reasons Why It’s Worth Studying Career Advisory with Career Angels

6 Reasons Why It’s Worth Studying Career Advisory

Dynamic changes effect every area of our life, including the labor market. So, it does not matter whether you work in HR or are an experienced manager of another area. The dynamics of the market influence the decisions, advice and guidance you give to your employees / clients. It is the current knowledge in the field of Career Advisory that determines whether you can consciously manage a team, select various people for projects and plan a career path that gives the employee fulfillment and achieves the company’s goals while taking care of employer branding. Career advisory will be useful to anyone who wants to be a conscious player in the labor market, also as a consultant or career coach who supports the process of industry changes, defining somebody’s career goal or finding a new job.

Why study Career Advisory?

1. Knowledge of the labor market

It’s always good to know how the job market works and how to manage your own career. Data shows that the recommendations based on knowledge about the labor market change, on average, every 2 years. Technology, algorithms and bots change recruitment processes, selection of talents, employer branding, outplacement, etc. This shows how important it is for managers and HR professionals to constantly develop and refine their advisory skills in the field of designing career paths.

2. Being a better manager

The knowledge you acquire during your Career Advisory studies has an impact on how you view and manage your team; how you choose people for projects, for the organization, and, consequently, what kind of manager you are.

“For 10 years, I have been holding the position of a manager. Now, I’m managing a team of a dozen or so people. I am regularly asked for advice on further career development. I chose these studies to learn how to professionally manage people, inspire trust and build my position of a leader with whom the team will want to pursue our company’s goals”.

3. Substantive and practical aspect of Career Advisory studies

The studies are 11 intensive weekends, i.e. 176 hours during which lecturers share their knowledge and research. This knowledge is put into practice (right away!). During the 1st edition, students discussed as many as 29 customer cases, 12 of the most popular tests / tools available on the market for candidates / employees. Moreover, they did 50 (!) practical exercises (individually, in pairs and in groups). Everyone had the opportunity to support, on average, 2-3 clients, most of whom successfully found a new job or were promoted.

4. Added value: participation of practitioners

The study program is delivered by experienced lecturers, but what distinguishes this course is the participation of 12 guest speakers from many companies and various industries. The meetings with these practitioners are held in the Q&A formula, so students can ask about everything, and guests openly share their perspectives and points of view.

5. Reviews of the graduates of the 1st edition

The 1st edition enjoys many positive reflections from students who, depending on their needs and expectations, took what is best for them from their studies. Read selected reviews:

“I signed up to study to get practical tools and I got them.”

“At the beginning, I had great doubts if this field of study was for me because I am not from HR. I received knowledge that I can use on a daily basis in my work with the team, I am not afraid to advise and I know how to follow the dynamic market.”

“I am convinced that in the near future, I will use the knowledge gained during my studies within the organization in the employee development process. Today, I know that the client is extremely important in this process, but also the consultant’s knowledge and experience and the code of ethics he creates.”

“It was a great “adventure” to face my previous experience in the field of consulting work, but also fears, shortcomings and expectations. While working with my clients, I noticed that I often focus on generating solutions something that my clients should be doing. I also noticed my own low competence in active listening and difficulty in asking open questions. What I liked about my role was that I was able to accompany the “change” and in discovering a new perspective of thinking for my client about what their future professional life might look like. I am glad that, with my client, we were able to formulate their goals that we established during the meetings – at least on the level of awareness, changing thinking patterns, knowing ourselves and our values.”

6. Polished program of the 2nd edition

The last reason: Career Angels, the content partner of the Career Advisory studies, has learnt from the input of the first graduates. Thanks to that, the program has been refined in terms of the quality of materials (e.g. reading lists and further resources) and separate “in-house” mini-modules; in other words: not only to rely on their own experience and interpretation of how knowledge from a given subject area can be useful in the organization.

If you want a comprehensive approach to Career Advisory knowledge, check out the program and join the group of students. The recruitment for the 2nd edition of the “Career Advisory” postgraduate studies, designed by Career Angels, is open until 21.10.2022. The details of the Polish program can be found here: https://www.kozminski.edu.pl/en/node/5865