It doesn’t matter if LinkedIn is a mystery to you or if you are actually already quite familiar with the platform. We have prepared 18 tips on how to hack LinkedIn as a job seeker – for all levels. Here’s a quick sneak peek and why it’s worth viewing the whole presentation – it includes:

  • How to write a unique profile summary that nobody can copy as their own
  • How to choose a tagline that doesn’t say “I’m desperately looking for a job”
  • How to choose proper profile & background photos
  • Why your activity should be selective, purposeful
  • Why it’s not worth commenting on everything if you don’t want to be perceived as a spammer
  • How to build a valuable network (incl. personalized invitations)
  • How it can help you achieve your goals by e.g. getting your skills endorsed
  • Why you should take care of every detail and make sure your profile is flawless

And much more about taking advantage of LinkedIn – no matter if you are looking for a job, new clients or you are building your personal brand.

Is LinkedIn still a mystery to you? Do you need to improve your profile, so that it is in line with your goal? If you are a manager or executive with min. 10 years of experience, get in touch with us to request a free LinkedIn Report. Fill out the form here or send an email with the link to your profile to Bichl.Sandra (at) Subject: Yes-ica