Challenge Accepted

About the initiative: we provide a safe space for experienced managers in Warsaw (to start with) who have accepted the challenge of looking for a job (actively or passively) so that they can exchange their experiences, support each other through listening, kind words or information and inspire each other.

Upcoming topic:
28.1.19 Networking – what works, what doesn’t. Previous topics:
– Personal Branding (guest)
Q&A with an experienced headhunter in “full disclosure” mode (guest)
Interim Manager (guest)
CV 50+ (case)
3 HR Directors: in “full disclosure” mode (3 guests / panel)
Effective job hunting & KPIs (3 cases)
LinkedIn for job hunters (workshop)
Do you manage your career or does your career manage you? (workshop)
Are you able to properly assess your competencies? Are you a good candidate who knows his assets well?
Show me the money. How can you earn money while looking for a new job? Diversification of income sources – also for those who have a job (panel)
Does Hidden Job Market hide from you? We will show you how you can access it! (lecture)
How do you land Supervisory Board roles and C-level assignments? Q&A with an experienced Consultant from one of the leading Executive Search firms (guest)
Looking for a job and motivation (panel)

Important information: the meetings are from 17:45 to 20:30 and are free of charge. Afterwards, we continue our interaction online, in a closed LinkedIn group where we also share summaries of the meetings and various materials.

Our group:
– 19.40% Business Unit Manager/Director
– 14.93% CEO / Managing Director
– 13.43% Marketing Director
– 13.43% Sales / BD Director
– 10.45% Other (IT, Logistics,…)
– 7.46% CFO / COO
– 7.46% HR Manager / Director
– 7.46% Project Manager / Director
– 5.97% (Senior) Consultant

Would you like to participate? Send an email with your CV to the Community Manager, Izabela Michaliszyn-Liwińska, to Izabela will send you the application form with a confidentiality clause. In order to ensure safety and comfort of all participants, we verify all applicants with a short phone call. Verified applicants will receive the exact address before each meeting.

Do you want to share your space? Do you have a place in the centre of Warsaw adapted to business meetings? Would you like approx. 30 new people to experience your place? We could organize a meeting at your place! Contact Sandra Bichl at

Different city? Would you like to partner up and get started in a different city? Contact Sandra Bichl at for more details.