Recruiters exclude candidates based on…

Depending on the statistics you look at as many as 50-97% of recruiters use LinkedIn, Xing or Facebook at any given stage of the sourcing or recruitment process. Somebody is probably looking at your profile while you are reading this. Now the most important questions are:

  • Will they include you in the recruitment process?
  • Will they get in touch with you based on the information they find on the Internet?
  • Or maybe: will you be excluded from a hiring process based on search results?

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Old (career) advice on a market with new rules?

It’s hard to imagine, but there is a report that we are excited about:
“Rewriting the rules for the digital age”
2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

It is the best paper that we have found and read on how the different players on the market are dealing with the digital age. It perfectly compares the old with the new rules.

Aside from the fact that you, experienced managers, have to be ready for the on-going changes as managers / leaders, you have to be ready as individuals who still want to have a career in 5 or 7 or 10 years. Quoting a fragment: Read more

Creating a Perfect Linkedin profile… step by step!

August – the LinkedIn month! During the past 4 weeks we have shared practical tips on how to improve your LinkedIN profile & social media presence in general. Here are our previous posts: Read more

“Looking for new opportunities…”

The initial post was inspired by, well, profiles we see every day on sites like LinkedIn, and more precisely taglines like this: Read more

A profile picture says more than a 1000 words. What does yours say?

Have you ever searched for a prospect, business partner or potential employee online? Maybe you have found your lawyer, doctor or investment banker on a social media site via common friends? Have you ever been unpleasantly surprised by how unprofessional their profile picture was?

What usually happens is that we choose a picture: Read more

If you are not on LinkedIn, you don’t exist

This is not a fad anymore that will pass. Let’s look at some numbers:
Facebook*: 1.59 bn* active users
LinkedIn**: growing at more than 2 members per second**
Xing*: 9.7 m users

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The death of the headhunter’s database

This is a snippet of an email one of our clients received when contacting a Consultant with one of the leading, global, retained Top Executive Search firms:
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“Looking for new opportunities…”

This post was inspired by, well, profiles we see every day on sites like LinkedIn. And particularly a post I clicked on last Thursday morning on which led me to a group called “Job seeker’s corner”: 77 pages with on average 15 people per page introducing themselves as job hunters… that makes 1155 professionals looking for a job.

I then checked how many professionals (I did not differentiate experienced managers from junior professionals as the rules are the same) use those phrases: Read more

How (not) to take your profile picture

A good photo should perspire with your personality and professionalism. In order to obtain a good one, you should first prepare well for the photo session (which you can definitely do at home!). We have already shared with you our tips concerning the preparations prior to a photo session. Now it is the time to share our tips concerning taking your profile picture. Read more

LinkedIN Profile: Instructions

Have you ever googled anyone? Yourself? Every detail on the Internet can work in favor of or against you. You want the former.

While you are reading this information headhunters are searching the Internet for candidates. Why haven’t they contacted you yet? Prior to your first meeting, your potential employer or their assistant will very probably google you. That is why it is very important to have a professional, quality online profile. Read more