3 signs that you’re a bad candidate

The scary truth is: headhunters and recruiters are very sensitive to some warning signs that whether you – as a candidate – might be potentially troublesome down the line. If you show any of them, you can be sure that you will not be kept in the recruitment process. Here the most important “red lights”: Read more

The Power of a Thank You Note

You are finally done with one more interview and honestly think that you are blessed that it is over by now. Is it? Do you think it is good enough only to stand out during the interview and just wait for the interviewer to contact you? According to Amy Segelin, President and co-owner of Chaloner, there is one important step you may tend to forget about: a prompt follow-up.
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3 standard interview questions that almost everybody gets wrong

Standard or tricky interview questions? Sounds familiar? As promised last week, we will further address the issue of tricky interview questions – or in today’s case: interview questions that seem standard but are not quite… and how to go about them.

Here are three of the most common standard questions that most experienced managers and executives get wrong: Read more

Interview questions you should NOT be asked

One thing that we always repeat our clients is: every job interview is a two-sided conversation. However, with the job market becoming more and more competitive, it is easy to forget about it; and some employers may become too confident & all powerful, which may lead them to try to take an advantage of their position.

There are some questions that no recruiter should be able to get away with. Depending on the country, some of them, like for example: Read more

How to dress to impress an interviewer?

The dress code is an important part of how you present yourself during the job hunting process. As we wrote in one of our previous blog posts, the devil lies in the details (shoes), and with all things being equal, the details decide. Are you absolutely sure that you know how to dress for an interview? Read more