Networking… overrated

“There are no available jobs for me. I told you, you need to know somebody to get a job… and I don’t know anybody…”, we hear these and similar comments from experienced managers who are actively looking for a new job.

There are three aspects to consider:

Aspect 1) Diversification
Looking at our statistics of sources of accepted job offers “networking” consistently scored approx. 20%. Only 20%. Irrespectively of industry and country. Ask yourself:

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Interview with CEO Konrad Kopyra

Sandra Bichl: Konrad, thank you very much for your time to meet me and answer my questions.

Konrad Kopyra: The pleasure is all mine.

Sandra Bichl: How do you look for candidates on executive positions? How often do the recruitments happen and how are they conducted? Read more

Joanna Sztandur on Legal Recruitment

Sandra Bichl: How do international law firms search for Partners?

Joanna Sztandur: Based on my experience, there are two main ways to recruit new Partners: (1) networking and (2) the databases, market knowledge and professionalism of headhunting companies. The markets in CEE are relatively small and people holding such positions know each other from university, the Bar Training, industry-related events or participating in projects Read more