Realistic response rates in direct applications

Did you know that…
…70% of decision makers reply to unsolicited CVs?
…83% of headhunters schedule interviews with candidates that are actively looking for a job?
…92% of networking contacts eagerly help with job hunting tips and market insights?
…64% of candidates receive a reply from online job ads?

Of course not! Don’t believe in fairy tales.

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Ex & reference checks: a different perspective

According to 85% of employers will check at least one of your references when offering you a position. Based on our experience, the vast majority of employers require an oral reference and definitely prefer that to a written one. That is why it is crucial to Read more

Are you on a headhunter’s blacklist?

An oldie but goodie: Are you on a headhunter’s blacklist, graylist? You might now be sitting thinking, “Nobody – especially experienced managers – in their right mind would do that.” Allow us to ensure you: Yes, they would. Don’t be one of them and read this post that Read more

I am an executive. It is not proper to send my CV directly.

To make a long story short – let’s look at the numbers: reviewing our statistics for 2015, speculative application (sending your CV directly to your potential superior) has been the most effective way of looking for a job as it generated 50% of accepted job offers whilst Executive Search firms generated 30%, and Networking 20% respectively. Read more

Tip #5: Put your ego in a box

“10 best interview tips”, “10 steps to a successful CV”, “10 common cover letter mistakes”… Stop! Here’s the big picture: before preparing for interviews and meetings, you need to prepare for the job hunting process itself! Here our 10 most important pieces of advice Read more

Job Hunting Report 2015

Level, source, effectAs it is our tradition, we publish our and our clients’ statistics every year. We look at who are clients are in terms of:

  • Country of Origin
  • Job Hunting Area
  • Age
  • Industry

… and what they have achieved:

  • how many have found a new job?
  • how many decided to stay where they are?
  • how many started their own companies?

Here are the highlights:
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Are you on a headhunter’s blacklist?

If you’ve done one or more of the things below, you might have placed yourself on the blacklist (or “graylist”, if it wasn’t that bad) of one or more headhunters and therefore burnt a bridge that you might not have even had yet to start with.

You or your wife, husband, bff, girlfriend, partner sent your application from their email account. Read more

Networking: over-estimated!

These past two to three weeks we have repeatedly heard from our prospects:
“There are no available jobs for me. I told you, you need to know somebody to get a job… and I don’t know anybody…”

There are three aspects to consider: Read more