When to update your CV

There is no need to convince anybody (or so we hope) that a good-quality CV is a crucial element in the job hunting process. And without doubt you’ve heard that “your CV is your business card” at least once in the course of your career.

Now the question may arise, “When are you actually in job hunting mode?”

At a CEO round table during which career management was the leitmotiv, one CEO approached me afterwards and said, “Sandra, I really like the idea of CEO-only meetings, but should we not split the group into CEOs who are looking for a job and those who are not?” To which I replied, “Well, from my experience everybody is looking for a job – some just don’t know it (yet).”

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When applying to job ads

Looking at our data, 12% of accepted job offers by our clients, experienced managers & executives, were generated from applying to job ads. Half of it stems from LinkedIn.

Everybody, irrespectively of their seniority, should apply these tips that have been shared by Jobbatical. Here some snippets:

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