The worst & the best C-level CVs

If writing a CV is so easy, why do most CVs we receive from experienced managers and (senior) executives contain most basic mistakes?

We were asked to review a CV by 376 experienced managers since 1.1.2017. 424 times in 2016… a total of 1530 times since 2014.

Here is the data for 2017 only. If the CVs were graded on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest score: Read more

CV & Project Portfolio for Project Managers

What makes a good CV? Oh well, we could write lots of books on this topic (actually, we have written one already, you can download a free version here: Job Hunting Director).

Now, how do application documents prepared for Project Managers differ from the others? Read more

The art of writing a cover/motivation letter

What do you want to achieve when sending your CV to a headhunter? Or directly to a company? You want to get hired, right? Wrong!

It’s as if you walked into a bar and asked the first man or woman that you like to marry you. What about dating? Having a coffee first? Getting to know each other? Every step might get you closer to a wedding. Same when looking for a job. Read more

Do you have a horoscope CV?

We recently spotted an article published by Dariusz Uzycki: a brilliant post on how candidates get their (on and offline) CVs very wrong by trying to be appealing to a wide range of people on the job market. Read more

Kill 6 birds with one stone

Myth: a candidate can be hired right away by sending one email that includes a generic motivation letter and an average CV. Let’s be realistic: not gonna happen.

Imagine: Read more

Candidates & their CVs: good product, bad packaging

The CV Report we prepare for our clients and its point system are designed under the following assumptions:

  • Your CV is your business card and therefore should be perfect.
  • An ideal résumé communicates your personality and traits as an executive.
  • Read more

Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume

Given the choice between a job candidate with a perfect resume and one who has fought through difficulty, human resources executive Regina Hartley always gives the “Scrapper” a chance. As someone who grew up with adversity, Hartley knows that those who flourish in the darkest of spaces are empowered with the grit to persist in an ever-changing workplace.

Read more

CV for non-job-seekers?

Actually why not? This article:
raises some excellent points of why non-job-seekers should update their CVs.

In short:
1. Remind yourself of your skills and achievements
2. Give yourself a confidence boost
3. Understand yourself better
4. Reflect on your key lessons and identify development areas
5. Develop a clearer idea of your strengths
6. See the thread that binds your body of work together
7. Prepare yourself for the worst

We could not agree more! You know where to find us ;)

Email signatures: important?

I’ve received this suggestion, “Perhaps you could consider evaluating email signatures as well? I have several versions and add e.g. social links when I feel they are useful, but I always try not to overload the signature while at the same time always including sufficient contact info, basically the signature should be relevant to the email.”

The most important fragment of the above is “the signature should be relevant to the email”. Read more

The Perfect CV

We are constantly asked whether we would share templates of recommended CV formats. Our answer to that is always, “No, we don’t use templates.” And we don’t use the same structure for every client, because every executive has a unique situation with a goal of their own. BUT what we do have is a set of rules that we abide by. And these we can share… so we prepared this presentation (watch it full screen for best effects):

The Perfect CV – Sharing our secret from Career Angels