I am an executive. It is not proper to send my CV directly.

To make a long story short – let’s look at the numbers: reviewing our statistics for 2015, speculative application (sending your CV directly to your potential superior) has been the most effective way of looking for a job as it generated 50% of accepted job offers whilst Executive Search firms generated 30%, and Networking 20% respectively. Read more

Career advice no one tells you

Raghav Haran, a marketer and entrepreneur – also founder of Land Any Job You Want – shares 11 pieces of career advice no one tells you. The main lessons from the article: Read more

The curse of being too successful

At Career Angel, we have the privilege to work with experienced managers across Europe. 2/3 are members of local or international management boards or report to one. Most of them have an MBA or a PhD or equivalent executive trainings with the top business schools. Some of them are regularly in the media because of their business successes and are THE top managers in the respective countries.

That gives us the unique opportunity: Read more

Do you interview like a master?

We had a summary call with one of our clients the other day:
Career Angel, “How is your job search going? I saw that you had 8 interviews during the last 4 weeks.”
Client, “It’s really bad. Nothing concrete.”
Career Angel, “But you’ve had 24 interviews over the past 3 months.”
Client, “No, no… I had only 4 real interviews. The other ones were just general calls or meetings.”
[Note: our client actually generated 2 job offers, one of which was accepted.]

First things first. What is an interview? Read more

How (not) to prepare for interviews

In short: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Make sure you tick all the boxes of the below checklist:

Your online presence is flawless
In the Internet era, the first impression is no longer the physical impression we make, but the virtual one. Stay in control of your online reputation. Read more

The future of the job market: how it affects you

We highly recommend you read The forces of the job market to get acquainted with the driving forces: Ephemeralization, Democratization of and access to technology, A diversified workforce. Read more

The forces of the job market: #1 Ephemeralization

A question we regularly hear is, “How is the job market?” or “How will the job market be?”. Allow us to tell you this: the job market is difficult. Oh, it’s terrible! If it’s not post or pre-crisis, we are in the middle of one. Either an economical or socio-geographical or a political one. Or is the word “crisis” an excuse of people who haven’t learned how to navigate change? Read more

Creating a Perfect Linkedin profile.. step by step!

August – the LinkedIn month! During the past 4 weeks we have shared practical tips on how to improve your LinkedIN profile & social media presence in general. Here are our previous posts: Read more

“Looking for new opportunities…”

The initial post was inspired by, well, profiles we see every day on sites like LinkedIn, and more precisely taglines like this: Read more

A profile picture says more than a 1000 words. What does yours say?

Have you ever searched for a prospect, business partner or potential employee online? Maybe you have found your lawyer, doctor or investment banker on a social media site via common friends? Have you ever been unpleasantly surprised by how unprofessional their profile picture was?

What usually happens is that we choose a picture: Read more