How (not) to prepare for interviews

In short: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Make sure you tick all the boxes of the below checklist:

Your online presence is flawless
In the Internet era, the first impression is no longer the physical impression we make, but the virtual one. Stay in control of your online reputation. Double-check by searching yourself on or You can alternatively try combinations like “Your name + private email address”, “Your name + work email address”, “Your name + company name”, etc.

You have done your homework
You have the person’s full name, position, contact details, bio, etc.
You have gathered information about the company: their own website, news, social media.

You have a goal
You know what you want to achieve during the first meeting. E.g. the goal of a first interview is not necessarily to get a job offer, but to be invited to the second round. The goal of meeting with a headhunter who has a recruitment project could be to learn as much as possible about the role.

Last but not least:

  • you have all necessary printed materials: CV, project portfolio, and ideally your own – personalized – business cards
  • meeting/call details as time, location (even if it’s virtual), back-up number to assistant

The pdf that you can download here will guide you through ensuring you are extra ready for any interview.

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