Ex & reference checks: a different perspective

According to Monster.co.uk 85% of employers will check at least one of your references when offering you a position. Based on our experience, the vast majority of employers require an oral reference and definitely prefer that to a written one. That is why it is crucial to Read more

Are you an Independent Job Hunter?

Yes, are you…? In our previous post we’ve gathered a compilation of materials & articles on job hunting strategies and methods we share with our readers. Our materials help them to go through the job search process entirely on their own, provided that they have the time & willingness to do so. Read more

New Year, New You? New Job?

For all of you with New Year’s resolution in the area of job / career – we’ve prepared an overview of all materials & articles on job hunting strategies and methods we’ve shared during the last years. Read more

How to dress to impress an interviewer?

The dress code is an important part of how you present yourself during the job hunting process. As we wrote in one of our previous blog posts, the devil lies in the details (shoes), and with all things being equal, the details decide. Are you absolutely sure that you know how to dress for an interview? Read more

Sharing know-how in 2016

Looking back at 2016, we definitely did not sit back & rest, we shared our knowledge with over 700 professionals from various industries, MBA students & graduates, expats, etc. across 14 lectures, webinars and workshops. It was a truly productive year and Read more

The ROI of an MBA: Is it Worth It?

Although this post was prepared with US statistics, it’s still highly relevant for our European reality. The website does a great job in explaining ROI, types of MBAs, costs, etc. Read more

Are you on a headhunter’s blacklist?

An oldie but goodie: Are you on a headhunter’s blacklist, graylist? You might now be sitting thinking, “Nobody – especially experienced managers – in their right mind would do that.” Allow us to ensure you: Yes, they would. Don’t be one of them and read this post that Read more

Self-handicapping: don’t fall in that trap

A person who is looking for a job has one main goal: to find one. It would seem that they will do their best and will put the maximum amount of effort in the seeking process to achieve that goal. Read more

We are hiring!

Career Angels conquering Europe! Do you know an active or former recruitment consultant worth recommending? Are you one yourself thinking about a change in your career? Read more